Since the sending of our very first missionary, Miss Esther Lundin, to serve the Lord in the Belgian Congo, in 1924, the Calvary Memorial Church has taken seriously our responsibility to participate in spreading the Gospel both near and far. CMC's vibrant missions culture strives to be an effective reflection of God's heart for the nations of the world.

CMC Missionary Family
From individuals and families in training, to active full-time as well as retired missionaries, we cherish our missionaries as a vital part of our church family. We enjoy regular communication and fellowship with all of our missionaries and look forward to their periodic reports and visits.  

CMC Missionary History Videos
To view videos on CMC's missionary history, click the sub-pages to the left. For security purposes, please contact the church office at 262-637-7226 to obtain the password for the second video, which includes our current missionaries and their work around the world.