We Live In Interesting Times
The Pastor’s Ruminations during the Coronavirus, COVID19

June 6, 2020

Tomorrow morning we gather at the Lord’s Table together. This is something I have looked forward to immensely. It has been painful to me to miss this opportunity.

We’re going to look at Matthew 27 together, specifically to see how Calvary gives perspective to suffering.

I have reflected on Christ’s statement in John 19 – the sixth of His “seven last words.” “It is finished.” Actually, there is only one word in the New Testament language. “FINISHED”

That one word has kept Satan busy for millennia trying to hide the fact of its meaning. Christ's work on the Cross accomplished our salvation. When He died and rose again, God’s requirements for sin and judgement were complete. One must now trust that “finished” work for salvation.

God willing, this will be our focus tomorrow. Specifically, read and meditate on Matthew 27:27-34; 45-54.

* * * * * * * *

Tomorrow we add nursery for our church hour. Pastor Faulk has sent instructions about that and our addition of Sunday School next week.

Please enter through one of the two canopy doors off the parking lot tomorrow. I remind you that there are offering boxes at the top of each set of stairs (or as you leave the elevator). I commend you once again for your giving during these three months. I have thanked God repeatedly for you.

We will provide individual communion cups and bread for you tomorrow. They are available in one package for one person. You’ll see how and what when you get here! You should pick them up as you enter and hold them for our Communion Service. They will be put in place by gloved and masked persons as we seek to be wise and careful in face of the reality of COVID19.

These will be available at

the Information Center at the top of the large canopy entrance
the Connection Center in the lobby
the table in the foyer

Pastor Davis has told Evidence their on site ministry begins anew next Sunday, as does our full Sunday School ministry.

My Pastor’s Bible Study begins June 24th.

We will not have Children’s Church until the Fall. Choir will not begin anew until the Fall.

If you should not come to church because of health considerations, age or any reason, exercise your freedom in Christ not to come with good conscience.

If you do come, there will be people here who do not meet your expectations. You are to, in Christian love, leave them alone as they exercise freedoms you perhaps do not have.
If you come and you think some present are over the top in their reactions to COVID19, you will leave them alone as they do not have freedoms you perhaps have.

I ask you again, go back to the website and listen to the sermons on I Corinthians 8-10 if you need a refresher in how to live and work with people who have different standards than you do.

For those of you who are not free to come, we will continue to record the services and they will be available online early afternoon on Sundays.

* * * * * * * *


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