11/29/20 Update:

Though the current COVID situation at CMC continues to improve, we feel it prudent to continue the limits to our ministry schedules through Sunday, January 3rd.  At that time, we will re-evaluate the situation and announce ministry plans and schedules going forward.


11/15/20 Update:

Though the current COVID situation at CMC seems to be improving, we feel it prudent to continue our current ministry schedules for another two weeks.  Unless announced otherwise, we will resume Wednesday-evening activities on December 2nd but continue having only the Sunday-morning worship services through November 29th.  We will evaluate the worship attendance for the next two weeks and make a decision about whether or not to have the Thanksgiving Eve service.


11/1/20 Update: 

Until recently, there has been very little evidence of COVID-19 in our church family. However, this past weekend we heard of some possible cases that were later confirmed during this week.  Out of an abundance of caution, we felt it prudent to cancel last Wednesday-evening’s ministry activities and limit our Sunday morning activities today to only our morning worship service. The office staff and some elders met again this morning prior to this service to re-evaluate the current situation. In light of the cases that have been reported to us, we have determined the wisest and most appropriate course of action is to cancel Wednesday-evening ministry activities for November 4th and 11th, and maintain the limited Sunday morning schedule as we have it today for the next two weeks through November 15th. Prior to that Sunday, we will again re-evaluate the situation and advise you on the 15th as to what changes may be appropriate going forward. In order to minimize further unnecessary transmission within our church family, we ask you to honor the guidelines we have had in place since we began meeting together again on May 31st.  First, if you have any health concerns about coming to church, please feel free to remain at home. Second, out of respect for your church family, please wear a mask while in the church building unless you have a respiratory or other medical condition that would be complicated by wearing a mask. Third, please maintain at least 6-ft social distancing here in the auditorium unless you are seated with family members. Finally, if you or anyone in your household have cold, flu or coronavirus symptoms, or have had recent close contact with others who do, please stay home until advised by medical personnel that it is safe to be out. We will continue to record our services and make them available to you to view through the CMC website. Let’s all be in prayer for those of our church family who are ill that their symptoms will be minor and that they will be back with us soon. Please pray for our church leadership that they will have the wisdom to know how to move forward.


10/29/20 Update: 

As many of you know, we have just this week confirmed some cases of COVID in our church family, with others showing symptoms and awaiting test results. Out of an abundance of caution, we will limit this Sunday’s (11/1/20) ministry schedule to just the 10:30am worship service which will be recorded and available through the CMC website. There will be no Sunday School or Children's Church; however there will be a nursery for infants and toddlers during the worship service. Our plan going forward is to see how things play out by Sunday and then make decisions about next week's ministry activities. You will be updated by Monday noon through the CMC website and email. We would ask that you continue to honor the CMC COVID guidelines shown below in an effort to avoid any further unnecessary transmission among our church family. Please be in prayer for those who are ill and for wisdom as to how the Lord would have us respond to this as the Body of Christ for His glory.




The State of Wisconsin and the City of Racine face covering/mask mandate is in effect for the foreseeable future. As a location of public accommodation within the City of Racine, Calvary Memorial Church is required by the ordinance to implement the mandate, information on which can be found at www.racinecoronavirus.org/mask-ordinance/.


Therefore, in an attempt to fulfill the Scriptural command in Romans 13:1-6, we ask that, until further notice, all CMC attenders (ages 5+) wear face coverings/masks while inside the church building for any purpose. In keeping with the mandate, those who meet the following criteria are exempt from wearing a face covering/mask while at church.

  • Children 4 years old or younger.
  • The short list of people who the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance says don’t need to wear mask because of “a medical condition, mental health condition, developmental disability, or are otherwise covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act” and those who have chronic upper-respiratory conditions.
  • People who are hearing-impaired and those who communicate with someone else who is hearing impaired “where the ability to view a person’s mouth is essential for communication.”
  • While exclusively with members of your family or household.


We ask that everyone check your (and your family’s) temperature at home before leaving for church. If anyone’s temperature is over 100ºF, we ask that that person not attend church that day as a precaution. As we have done for the past several weeks, we will continue scanning the body temperature of minors and Sunday School staff upon entering the building. Adults may request a temperature scan at the Information Center if desired.


We understand that some may have legitimate reasons for still feeling uncomfortable attending church even with the mandate. If so, we encourage you to continue watching the recording of the Sunday services on the website at home.


We also understand that there will be those who may strongly oppose this mandate. We hope that you will come to church and respect the church’s position of having to implement this policy as uniformly as possible. Otherwise, we ask that you also watch the recording of the Sunday services on the website at home.


However, regardless of your opinion/practice on this matter, we exhort you to maintain a gracious and Christ-like attitude toward those who may have a differing opinion/practice.